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Rapid growth of transparent polypropylene market

Rapid growth of transparent polypropylene market

2019-08-27 09:50

Transparent polypropylene is a new type of thermoplastic transparent plastics with better heat resistance and lower price, compared with transparent polyester, transparent polystyrene and transparent polyvinyl chloride. This kind of transparent polypropylene is suitable for injection, extrusion, blow-extrusion and suction moulding. It can be used to prepare transparent polypropylene sheets and various transparent beverage cups, bowls, plates and boxes made from the transparent sheets. It can also be used to prepare disposable medical syringes and various daily necessities. It can be processed in a wide range of processing temperatures. Processing temperatures at 200 - 270 C will not cause discoloration and other problems. The product prepared by transparent polypropylene has high transparency and finish, and has high toughness, rigidity, heat resistance and chemical resistance. Dibenzylidene sorbitol (hf-01, hf-03), a transparent nucleating agent for plastics produced by American technology, has been used in many brands of PP and PE products. When the dosage is 0.1.5-0.3%, the fog of PP sheet can be reduced by 70%, the fog of LLDPE blown film and sheet can be reduced by 61% and 74%, the strength of PP products can be increased by 8-10%, the heat-resistant temperature of PP products can be increased by 9-10 C, and the forming period of products can be increased by more than one time. The transparency of plastic products can be greatly improved and the mechanics of plastic products can be improved. Property, good colouring of plastic products. The use method of transparent agent is basically the same as that of common plastics additives. The amount of nucleating agent added in PP application is 1.5-3. The ideal transparent effect can be achieved at 2.5. The amount of nucleating agent added is closely related to the material and thickness. Adding a small amount of white oil is to ensure its uniformity in masterbatch, in order to achieve the best effect. Due to the different catalysts, polymerization processes and processing aids used in different brands of PP, the structure and properties of PP are quite different. Users can adjust the dosage according to the actual situation. So it is important to choose the appropriate processing technology. Users can adjust the amount of additions according to the actual situation. There are several basic adding methods: direct mixing method, pre-mixing method and master batch slice mixing method. The specific application of transparent polypropylene has seven fields: first, injection molding, including living parts, movable joint storage boxes, storage caps, medical devices, electronic and video boxes, protective packaging, caps, equipment components; second, hollow molding, including condiment bottles, cleaning agent bottles, water bottles, food and beverage bottles; second, blow-pull molding; It includes water bottles, medicine bottles, dry food and condiment cans, washing bottles, baby bottles, household components, liquid soap and detergents; three is sheet extrusion, including video cassette, assembly and lunch boxes, paving plank, sanitary articles, stationery and office supplies, and four is hot forming, including foam packaging materials, medical pallets, Disposable cooked dish, microwave fast food, beverage cup, juice bottle, dairy box packaging, biscuit box; Fifth, thin-walled injection molding, including dairy box packaging, cooked food holder, once because transparent polypropylene resin has excellent price performance ratio, so the market application share is growing 

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